Alan Walker Sample Pack

▼What's Inside?

▶ 55 Presets for Sylenth1 v2.2

▶ 90 Drums & Loops

▶ 30 FX such as Downlifters

▶ 4 Project Files for FL Studio 20.5

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Project Files

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Make Music Like Alan Walker

Do you want to make Music like Alan Walker? Then this is the ULTIMATE pack for you! Alan Walker's Signature Sound has influenced the EDM scene in many ways and more and more artists are adapting this sound. Use this pack to adapt Alan Walker's Sound to your own!


Become the next Alan Walker with this pack!

Project Files

For FL Studio 20.5.1

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Walker Drums - Play

Walker Impact - 2

Walker Downlifter - 5

Walker Drums - Darkside

Walker Fill - 6 (92 BPM)

Walker Uplifter - 6 (90 BPM)

Walker Impact - 10

Walker Drum Loop - 5 (90 BPM)

Walker Fill - 5 (95 BPM)

Walker Downlifter - 6

For any DAW that supports .WAV files

 Sylenth1 Presets

Sylenth v2.2 or higher

Walker Chords - Play

Walker Bass - Darkside

Walker Leads - Play

Walker Leads - Knockout

Walker Chords - Darkside

Walker Bass - Play

Walker Leads - Darkside

Walker Chords - Knockout

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Our Samples & Presets are 100% Royalty-Free which means they can be used for commercial purposes!

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More Info...

What do I need to use the Pack?

To Use WALKER you need the following: For the Presets you need to have Sylenth1 v2.2 or higher. You can use the samples in any DAW that supports WAV Files For the Project Files you need FL Studio 20.5.1, Nexus, Sylenth1 v2.2+, iZotope Ozone 8, Decapitator, FabFilter Saturn, Kickstart, Dimension Expander, OTT, Sausage Fattener & ValhallaRoom

Are the products Royalty-Free?

Yes! Our goals is to help Producers, so all our Samples & Presets are Royalty-Free! This means you can use them in your tracks as soon as you buy the pack. We won't take anything of the revenue. Our Project Files, however, are not Royalty-Free, so you can not sell them or use them as a base of your own track. Royalty Free does not mean you can use and sell our products as your own. Please check our Policies for more info.

How do I receive my order?

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Yes, if you are not satisfied with your products, we can give you a refund within 14 days after purchase. Keep in mind that we only offer 1 refund per customer to prevent abuse of this system. Go to https://musicore.co/policies for more info.

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